Glenlivet: Starting From Scratch

Thwarted by a bad wheel bearing last autumn, then a winter that seemed to go on forever, little Glenlivet missed out on a lot of sidecar training time. With just six weeks to go before we need to set out for the 2018 BMW motorcycle rally in Iowa I have serious concerns that it might be too much, too fast for the little guy.

Glenlivet and Tulliver have become best buddies

Glenlivet (L) and Tulliver

During the downtime we worked on the trust thing, as trust and love are the foundations of the relationship that will form our bond. When the pup misbehaved he would be corrected, but never punished. Accidents, such as furniture being knocked over, were accepted as part and parcel of raising a child. Basic obedience and canine good manners were emphasized. But we also rolled on the floor in play, spent hours grooming, cuddled often, and in general created an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Tulliver is Plan B
















It is now mid-May. The sidecar still bears Tulliver’s name on the side, though that older dog has become a home body, preferring the comfort of the couch to the adventures we shared in years past. Fully trained and remarkably well-behaved, Tulliver is the gold standard of long distance sidecar travelers and represents Plan B should Glenlivet not be completely reliable by our departure day.



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