2019: Glenlivet Goes South

It was a long winter here in Vermont, which made it a perfect time to rebuild our sidecar rig. I’ll cover that four month job on a different page, but the end result is a more rugged, better handling, and much better looking rig than we had before. The BMW rally this year was moved up a month to June, and with the sidecar being finished in early May it didn’t leave much time for fine tuning the changes…or preparing rider and co-pilot for the miles to come!

Here is the plan for this year’s trip south. A brief stop in Pennsylvania to share breakfast with some dear friends and show off the rebuilt rig, then over to Shanksville and the Flight 93 Memorial, a place of honor to those who fought back. From there we drop down into West Virginia and camp near Seneca Rocks. Breaking camp we visit the Green Bank Observatory and wander along scenic roads before stopping for the night near the New River Gorge Bridge. Then on to a small Virginia town where I hope to reconnect with a Navy buddy I’ve not seen since 1975.

From there we drop down to the Blue Ridge Parkway, following it to the southern end in Cherokee NC. Next we drop into the northwest corner of South Carolina, cross over into Georgia and join the Georgia Sidecar Club for a weekend campout. Next we spend a few nights at an AirBnB overlooking Lake Nantahala in North Carolina. Using that as our basecamp we’ll explore the area taking in the Tail of the Dragon (after the weekend insanity!), the Cherohala Skyway, and several unnamed roads with fantastic views and scenic waterfalls.

Midweek we get up early and ride to the rally in Lebanon TN. There some modifications to the sidecar driving lights will be made by the experts at Clearwater Lights, and Glenlivet and I will pull volunteer duty at the ice sales booth. I figured if the heat and humidity get to him, Glenlivet can lay on or near the ice. Thursday if the weather holds we’ll be giving short rides to children with physical or emotional disabilities, followed by a bus ride to a bierhaus (without the kids). Friday and Saturday there will be vendors to check out, seminars to attend, friends old and new to connect with, and rides in the local area.

South to Georgia and South Carolina, then back up to Tennessee

Sunday morning we head for home across north central Tennessee, southern Kentucky, western Virginia and north through a part of West Virginia we missed on the way down.

Meandering through parts of Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia

Stay tuned for more details!



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