Barley’s Hopes for Dad

I was not your first soul dog. If you keep your heart open to possibilities I will likely not be your last.

I grew up in the shadow of Tadcaster, a truly great dog. It wasn’t till he passed away that I was able to blossom. You have two good dogs still. Let them both blossom.

Each dog brings gifts to the relationship. Love and respect flower when you accept those gifts in the spirit with which they were offered, never comparing them to the gifts another dog brought into your life. Expecting any dog to compete with a ghost will only disappoint both of you.

Love and joy should be your focus. Expecting bad things will only sour you.

And most of all, I will be royally pissed if you don’t regift the love I’ve shared with you!




One Response to Barley’s Hopes for Dad

  1. Annie Huddy says:

    A great loss, Barley was well loved, and loved well in return.

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