About us

BarleyInvertedMy name is Barley. I’m a laid back six and a half year old golden retriever – a mix of field and conformation lines for you dog people – who lives at the end of a dirt road in an old hillside farmhouse surrounded by hardwood forest. Like my Dad, Peter, I’m starting to go white around the muzzle. I have two younger brothers, Kazoo and Tullamore, both goldens. There’s a huge black cat named Nasdaq living here. He has pointy parts and has beat up dogs much larger than me, so we leave him alone except for the occasional humping.

There is also a very pretty two-legged bitch who is Dad’s mate. She keeps sheep, bunnies and sometimes chickens – all of which are delicious! The problem is all those animals keep her from traveling with Dad. Just as well, I suppose. Dad says she has a fifty mile butt. I’m good for six hundred mile days, day after day.


Photo courtesy of Backroads magazine

I think that’s why Dad travels with me!

Welcome to our new Webpage! Join Barley and me as we travel to some great places in the US and Canada, deal with the unexpected, meet some fantastic new friends on the road, figure out how to customize the rig so we’re both comfortable, learn the art of compromise, and form a bond of love and respect that has enriched both our lives.

Click the links below to follow our progress from clueless beginners to accomplished learners. (In motorcycling, as with dogs, one never stops learning!)